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Hi Everybody, I'm Seth, I'm The Traveling Railroadist. Welcome to my website! Now that you're here, I hope you'll join me for the ride because we are just getting started. Since I was a young kid, the thought of being able to explore new places, in particular, traveling by train was the most fascinating thing to me. I have such an incredible passion and love for all things travel and transportation, especially train travel and transportation. Hence the name of this site!

For me, the premise of adventure has always inspired me. I don't know what exactly ignited the spark, but the premise of adventure has always been something that has appealed to me and my imagination! It is my hope that my passion for travel will spark your interest in wanting to explore the world.


I am so fortunate to have the ability to combine all of my passions to share with you all.

I hope that you will come along with me for this adventure as I set out to explore places I've never been before or re-visiting places I've already been, places that are near and dear to me. Come along with me as I will be your virtual tour guide! I will do my best to document everything you will want to know about various destinations and respectively what there is to do! I will be sure to give you all the best recommendations for when you choose to travel to the places visited by The Traveling Railroadist!!


Here on my blog, I will also highlight many of the other things I am passionate about including but not limited too, photography, my love for music, and sports, traveling to cities to attend music concerts, festivals, and more!


Come along with me as I take you along for the ride on my travel adventures. You will see the best of everything that each place has to offer, from the sports teams, what concerts and festivals take place at each location, and most importantly travel highlights that give you an in-depth look at what there is to see and so much more.


As a kid, I always was fascinated with trains and the idea of working on the railroad for a living. Now years later, I am happily employed in the railroad industry, I have an incredible eye for photography, and have a wealth of knowledge about traveling, baseball, railroading, and all the other things I've mentioned.


So far my travel experience includes most of the continental US, Montreal Canada, and Israel, but I have so many more places that I want to see and go to!

biography about me

I was born on June 11th, 1993.

I was born in New York State.

I currently reside in Boston, MA

I am half American and half Canadian (currently working on obtaining formal dual citizenship)

Spent a lot of my youth years constantly traveling to Montreal Quebec Canada to spend moments with my maternal grandparents. (I will be writing more about that in later blog posts) I love all kinds of music but my favorites are country and rock.

I have been playing the guitar for over twenty years!

I am well educated: I have a High School Diploma, as well as both an Associates's and Bachelors's degree.


The name for this website, The Traveling Railroadist was derived from two things; my love for travel and being employed in the Railroad Transportation industry.


Anything else you want to know about me? feel free to drop me a line on my Facebook or instagram social media pages @thetravelingrailroadist


Until Next time, signing off for now. All Aboard!

Chief Conductor

S T Alterman


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